Conversations To Have With Yourself

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We talk to ourselves all the time, right? We have programmed our way of thinking, and it reflects in our actions. But are we telling ourselves what we need to hear? Are we asking ourselves the right questions to help us grow? Our self image is what gets us through life. John Martin Sr. takes a look at what makes humans tick. He challenges your thoughts and makes you look deep within. Take a few moments and dedicate your time to reading a perspective that can help you win!


9 reviews for Conversations To Have With Yourself

  1. LaQuita Green

    “Another One!” This book will motivate you to self-evaluate, reflect on it, make change, then get up and live your best life. It makes you to ask yourself “Do I really know MYSELF?” I love that this is another short read packed with so much thought provoking context. And best of all, this is about genuine growth inside and out, and all around.

  2. Shayla Smith (verified owner)

    This is a must read! I appreciate this book. For only 60 pages, there are gems in every page! I’ve highlighted them and this isn’t a book you just read once. This was God sent. Thank you !

  3. Mykala Kemp

    This book is life changing. Like his others , it’s full of gems . I read it three times already and took notes. The author’s growth is evident. He has a unique way of writing to which it’s almost like he’s just having a regular conversation with the reader. We want more !!!

  4. Mensur

    This book relates to me and spoke to me. I was fascinated by the perspective John describes in his book and how we can get so distracted with everyday life that we forget what’s truly important. This book impacted me and gave me insight that I can use and incorporate in my life! Great read and looking forward to other books John had written.

  5. Sabrina Tolson

    This book was amazing, it really is a guide to hold yourself accountable along with helping you better manage your priorities and much more. I love how personal it is to the author but at the same time relatable to the reader. I would recommend this book to anyone, if you haven’t read it yet, buy it I promise it won’t disappoint.

  6. Karmon L. (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a quick and engaging read that will help you ignite, control and keep your momentum in life, I highly recommend “8 Conversations to Have with Yourself.” In this work, Mr. Martin encourages self reflection in order to determine what may be holding you back from self-discovery and growth. Each conversation ends with a call to action that challenges and inspires you to take power over those things you can control. If you are ready to start building and creating “your perfect timing”, this book is a great resource! Thank you, Mr. Martin! This is an excellent read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  7. JoAnna Davis

    This right here..I needed this!! You are Truly a Godly Man of Wisdom!!

  8. Darlene Value

    I throughly enjoyed this book. The captivating introduction had my full attention. The portions of the book that truly inspired me were the chapters on “Are you living in YOUR moments” and “What are you waiting on?”. I really took a step back to self evaluate.
    Great read

  9. Mia Judge

    “8 conversations to have with yourself” is for everyone, everything in this book applies to any human experiencing life and it’s many little bumps. John’s stories are relatable and is a great reminder that detours still take us to our destination if you just keep moving. This was an easy and enjoyable read. If you’re interested in reading more self help books, this is definitely one of my recommendations! And what a great gift idea.

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