Book of Life Lesson Part ONE

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John Martin Sr. is becoming a household name as he has involved himself with multiple businesses and John Martin Sr. delivers a stellar book full of developmental insight for you as you travel along life’s journey. Read ways John has overcome adversity for the past 40 years. He writes in depth about being biracial, his struggles with PTSD, struggles with parenting and so much more. You will receive some great insight and perspectives for living every day, regardless of where you are in your journey of life.


2 reviews for Book of Life Lesson Part ONE

  1. J

    Each of the 20 jewels in this book will have the reader thinking about their own personal experiences. The book will definitely make you think in different ways.

  2. Mikal Setle

    Y’all this book is incredibly written and drops some serious life lessons that everyone wanting to be successful in life needs to read and digest! Just read it for the 2nd time and learned something new! Make sure y’all tap in and read it

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