8 Conversations To Have With Your Co-Parent

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Nearly 7.8 billion people on earth and yet we still give the hardest times to the person we created life with. We often treat our co-workers better than we treat our co-parent. Well, we must change this. Author John Martin Sr. Is a driven spokesman for the development of the American family. He realizes the mistakes he has made over the past 20 years with being a co-parent. In this latest publication, he shines light on specific conversations to have with your co-parent. He truly feels giving your child the best possible life starts with a foundation of respect between the parents. Travel this journey with him and see why he is becoming one of the fastest growing authors in the nation.


5 reviews for 8 Conversations To Have With Your Co-Parent

  1. Tirea love

    I wanna read the book

  2. LaQuita Green

    This book teared my waterline. After trying different ways to have these conversations only to get nowhere, here comes Mr. Martin producing a tangible form to help everyone involved understand. It’s great for all parent age groups. This book is uplifting as it encourages healthy ways to co-parent with the child(ren) at the forefront (as they should be). Big things come in small packages. There are some big topics we all have to have in this book. Thank you John!

  3. JoAnna Davis

    A must read. Love it!! Keep going John (You are a man of wisdom)

  4. JoAnna Davis

    Sorry this is a five star!! John keep writing!!

  5. Crystal Ann Mitchell

    Love this book! Very informative, plan on using the techniques in this book on my three son’s.

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